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Warm welcome to our new website!

This school year, 2014-2015, Global Issues Leadership Development (GILD) is celebrating its 5th Anniversary! We are thrilled that we have made it this far.

Our work would not be possible without all of the support we receive. We are grateful to our current and past Board members. Their passion, energy and commitment keep us moving. We are grateful to teachers who serve as club sponsors. They are generous with their time, talent and skills.

To our students, your curiosity and moral compass are our guiding star. We promise to continue to be here to support, guide, and encourage you on your journey to discover the world.


Nadège Uwase
Founder & Executive Director

The GILD Blog

Connecting Storytelling and Human Rights

Kelsey K 2

By Meg Vatterott The world is a boring place without getting to know people different from you, according to Global Issues Club alumna Kelsey Kupferer. Growing up, Kupferer moved around and was exposed to different kinds of people and places. Learning people’s stories and diverse  Learn More »

Mentors Make a Difference

katie 8

By Meg Vatterott Katie Bell, Hickman High School Global Issues Club alumna and current student at the University of Missouri, reflected on the importance of having encouraging mentors in one’s high school experience. Teachers have the ability to spark interests and passions in students. Two  Learn More »

Travel Tips

  Here is additional advice Diane Henker  is a GILD Advisory Board Member and works for the University of Delaware as a Study Abroad Program Manager. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the thought of travel, remember this simple advice – don’t panic.  Breathe.  From the  Learn More »

Passion for Service

ismam 1

By Meg Vatterott Sometimes an issue has to hit close to home, to open the eyes of a student. This happened to Global Issues Club alum Ismam Islam. An AP World History class at Rock Bridge High School sparked an interest and passion in Islam.  Learn More »