Club Information

GILD creates after-school programs in high schools. We call these after school programs Global Issues Club (GIC).

GIC are self-governing and self-supporting after school programs. Each club is led by a group of students on a leadership team with the help of a teacher (or a group of teachers) who sponsor the club.

As a club, students make the following decisions:

  • Students create a mission for their club.
  • Students choose a day to meet once a week for an hour.
  • Students choose a global issue to learn about. This can be for each semester or one per year.
  • Student leaders share responsibilities for running the club.
  • With the help of GILD and teacher(s) sponsoring the club, students research the topic and learn about it
  • Students identify and contact a nonprofit organization devoted to that global issue
  • Students decide how to make an impact for the nonprofit based on what is learned by educating, volunteering and/or fundraising for the organization.
  • Select club sponsor(s)

If you are interested in starting a club in your high school, take a look at the Handbook. Make sure to look at what the other schools are doing, you will be able to gain ideas. If you have questions, click the contact us button and send us an email. We are here to provide guidance and support.